Fox News host Martha MacCallum said Thursday that Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) didn't deserve five uninterrupted minutes to announce his resignation.

As Weiner was announcing his intentions to step down at a press conference Thursday afternoon, he was mercilessly heckled. One man shouted "pervert" and several other lewd comments.

"Boy, a lot of anger in that room," MacCallum announced as Weiner left the podium. "Did you hear the heckling? Sometimes it was almost difficult for Anthony Weiner to get his sentences out. There was a very strong reaction in that room which is emblematic of the way things happen everywhere this man goes. He evokes a lot of response in everything that he does."

"The heckling was really extraordinary," National Review editor Rich Lowery told MacCallum. "Given the abuse and the humiliation that's been heaped on this guy, you could at least give him five uninterrupted minutes to sing a swan song."

"But you know what, Rich?" MacCallum asked. "The problem is that he never gave anyone else five uninterrupted minutes. You know, you think about the way he talked to those reporters in the room when he came out of his office that day and he was berating them."

"Let's pile on, shall we?" radio host Allen Colmes said sarcastically.

"All I'm saying is that the energy in the room came right back at him," MacCallum insisted.

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