Fox News host Glenn Beck Thursday accused MSNBC's Ed Schultz of having "no honor."

Beck was livid that Schultz reported Tuesday that the Fox News host had told his viewers that they needed to get a gun while appearing to motion toward a picture of President Barack Obama.

"This guy is such a piece of trash," Beck said on his Thursday radio show. "Do you not know how camera angles work, Ed?"

"He said that I pointed to the president's picture which was directly behind me when I said, 'Why do you need a gun? Because you got to prepare,'" he continued. "The camera angle didn't pick up what I just walked from which was the chalkboard which showed prepare, you got to do these things because trouble is coming."

"That is why I'm leaving television. There's no honor in it. No one is honorable."

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[H/T: The Right Scoop]