Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has announced his newest venture: a line of sweet tea beverages.

"'Two if by Tea' is the brand name," Limbaugh told his radio audience Wednesday.

The artwork on each bottle features Limbaugh dressed as Paul Revere.

"And there I am in all of my glory on every bottle, on the shrink wrap covering every six pack as Rush Revere. The liberals are coming, folks."

"You know why it's not in stores?" the radio host asked. "Because that wouldn't be fair. We couldn't get it in every store."

The product can be purchased on the Two if by Tea website at a price of about $24 for a case of 12 bottles.

"It's only sold and 12 packs and there's no returns. We're not idiots," Limbaugh said. "You're not going to want to return this. You're going to want to chug it. You're going to regret you didn't order more after you taste it. And you're going to keep the bottles. We spared no expense. The labels are works of art. The shrink wraps are works of art. You're going to take this shrink wrap off with great care to save it."

Watch this video from EIB's The Rush Limbaugh Show, uploaded June 15, 2011.

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