Keith Olbermann may only have been teasing the audience when he suggested during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he might hire former Congressman Anthony Weiner for a slot on Current TV, where his new version of Counterdown begins airing this Monday.

"It was sort of a perfect storm," Olbermann said of the Weiner scandal. "Democrats don't support their own in these situations. Republicans love to be on the right side of a scandal like this, because it doesn't happen that often. And you get the media, and particularly the political media, most of whom are morons. So you give them something that they can actually understand -- a penis."

After Olbermann had digressed to observe that there were also "all sorts of rumors about" Speaker of the House John Boehner, Fallon brought the conversation back to Weiner. "I've got a nine o'clock show that I'm probably going to hire somebody for," Olbermann responded thoughtfully. "Eliot Spitzer's doing okay on CNN," he added, referring to the former governor of New York who was forced to resign after a prostitution scandal.

It was probably just a bit of off-the-cuff whimsy -- but the idea of Weiner as a cable tv talk-show host has a certain cosmic rightness about it.

This video is from, June 16, 2011.