Even former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin couldn't resist telling her own penis joke after Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resigned Thursday.

"Here in New York today, we all witnessed the spectacle of Congressman -- he's still a congressman -- Anthony Weiner announcing that he was going to resign because of personal behavior that was utterly reprehensible," Fox Business' Judge Andrew Napolitano told Palin. "Should the Congress have threatened to kick him out or are the people of Brooklyn and Queens entitled to have a pervert representing them in Congress if that is what they want?"

"Yes, they are entitled to have someone like Anthony Weiner represent them if that is truly what they want, but I have faith of the people there in Queens and elsewhere in New York that they deserve better," Palin replied. "Anthony Weiner, from henceforth after his personal indiscretions were disclosed, he was going to be rendered impotent basically in Congress and he wasn’t going to be effective."

Watch this video from Fox Business Network's Freedom Watch, broadcast June 16, 2011.

[H/T: The Huffington Post]