CNN anchor Anderson Cooper put himself on his show's "Ridiculist" Tuesday night after being outperformed by a denizen of the Jersey Shore.

Nicole "Snooki" Pollizi, whom Cooper has often mocked, if reportedly at work on her second book for Simon & Schuster. Cooper himself has published one book.

"If you are keeping score at home, that is one more book deal than I have had," he admitted.

To do penance for doubting Snooki, he read selected excerpts from her first book, "A Shore Thing," and mused about his favorite chapter titles. He and Joan Didion, he said, had both liked the one called "Vin Diesel is Hotter Than Jesus."

On Wednesday, Snooki tweeted, "Thanks for reading my NY Times Bestseller Mista Anderstand Cooper. Love to help you get a 2nd book. Let's go tanning and talk about it."

Watch the clip below, embedded via CNN, originally aired July 12, 2011.