Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont called on President Barack Obama to keep his promise not to cut Social Security, as high-stakes deficit talks resumed Tuesday at the White House.

"If you told the American people you're not going to cut Social Security, then don't cut Social Security," he said in a Senate floor speech. "Keep your word."

While campaigning for president in September 2008, Obama vowed not to raise the Social Security retirement age or to reduce cost-of-living adjustments.

"The American people are sick and tired of candidates who run for office and say one thing and then, after they are elected, do something very different," Sanders added.

"So, Mr. President, when you ask why the American people are frustrated with politicians, and are increasingly cynical, it has a lot to do with candidates who say one thing and do another thing."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on July 12, 2011, below:

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