In recent weeks, candidates for the GOP presidential nomination have come under fire for signing a litany of conservative pledges. Most notorious was the pledge Michele Bachmann signed banning "all forms of pornography" and asserting "that African American children were better off under slavery than they are today."

The most widely-supported pledge, Grover Norquist's Taxpayer Protection Pledge, has the signatures of 276 Republicans in Congress.

In response to pledge mania, Bill Maher used his "New Rules" segment on Friday night's episode of Real Time to advocate the signing of the "American Eagle Liberty Bell Ronald Reagan You’re A Homo If You Don’t Sign It Pledge."

"2011 seems to be shaping up to be the year of 'The Pledge,' as the current crop of Republican wannabes have signed pledges for everything from women in combat, prayer in school, handguns, cap and trade," said Maher. "And Newt Gingrich says he'll get a pizza to my house in under 30 minutes. And keep it warm in his car by f***king his mistress on the box."

A key point in Maher's alternative pledge? Signers must admit that "America's best days are behind us."

Watch the segment below, originally uploaded by Mediate on July 22, 2011.