Canton, Ohio police officer Daniel Harless has been placed on administrative leave following the release of dash cam video that showed him threatening the life of a driver who did not immediately provide notification of having a conceal weapons permit.

Ohioans for Concealed Carry, who released the video, said that William Bartlett made two attempts to notify the officer but was told not to speak.

"I have a carry...," Bartlett began before being asked for his license.

"Why do you keep having that? What is that?" Harless asked about the concealed carry card Bartlett was trying to show him.

"Because I have a concealed carry," Bartlett explained.

"Right now, the shit you just pulled, I should just blast you right in the mouth... I'm so close to caving in your god damn head...You fuck with me...You’re just a stupid human being," Harless shouted.

"You want me to pull mine and stick it to your head?"

"I tell you what I should've done," Harless later told Bartlett. "As soon as I saw your gun, I should have taken two steps back, pulled my Glock 40 and just put 10 bullets in your ass and let you drop. And I wouldn't have lost any sleep."

Bartlett was charged with two misdemeanors, failing to notify police of a concealed weapon and stopping in a roadway.

"I think it's important for citizens to understand that the behavior demonstrated on the video is wholly unacceptable, and it violates many of our rules, our regulations and standards we demand of our officers," Police Chief Dean McKimm said.

"The city administration, in conjunction with the police department, recognizes the seriousness of this matter."

Since 2000, Canton's internal affairs department has investigated Harless for 16 complaints, according to

In a 2003 case, Harless was exonerated of using excessive force, but was reprimanded for failing to activate in-car video.

Watch this video from Ohioans for Concealed Carry, uploaded to YouTube July 20, 2011.