During Friday night's panel discussion on Real Time, guests Chris Hayes, Ann Coulter, Amanda Foreman and Chaz Bono chatted about Bill Maher's "misogyny" towards Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, the phone hacking scandal at Rupert Mudoch's News of the World, the Casey Anthony trial and the merits of psychiatry/psychotherapy vs. religion.

In the latter, Coulter argued that she --like Palin and Bachmann-- is religious and that Christians don't generally need therapy because of their belief in God. Bono responded, "“Believing in God and psychiatry – how are those two things opposed to each other? ...You know, I've gotten great use of therapy and I also believe in God. So, I don't look at them as two mutually exclusive things. I want all the help I can get."

Watch the full segment below, originally uploaded by Mediaite on July 8, 2011.