Thursday night's Thom Hartmann show on Russia Today looked at the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) use of x-ray "porno scanners" that see under passengers' clothing to check for weapons or explosives, and Raw Story was invited on the program to discuss the latest news.

The TSA's official workers' union said earlier this week that it had discovered clusters of cancer among employees working in close proximity to the body scanners, and they asked management for a second time to give agents dosimeters to measure their exposure.

While those cancers have not been proven to be a result of prolonged radiation exposure, the TSA's union is insisting upon further studies. The risk for passengers, however, is minute due to their brief exposures, and the fact that actually flying subjects one to much more radiation than the security checkpoint.

But if a correlation between cancer and long term exposure to the body scanners is ultimately proven, it raises the possibility that -- in an America where it's more likely to die of a lightning strike than at the hands of a terrorist -- the U.S. could one day see more deaths from its security measures than the actual terrorists they look to stop.

This video is from The Big Picture, broadcast Thursday, June 30, 2011.