Conservative author Ann Coulter told CBS' Chris Wragge and Rebecca Jarvis Monday that Republicans are so "obsessed" with finding the perfect presidential candidate because President Barack Obama is vulnerable.

"Is the perfect candidate out there?" Wragge asked.

"Well, obviously my love, Chris Christie," Coulter replied. "It's going to be so exciting when he announces."

"Short of Chris Christie, it's probably going to be Romney," she added.

"Michele Bachmann, what does she do for you?" Wragge wondered.

"Well, I love her," Coulter explained. "I think she is very articulate and bright and has done a lot. And yet, I don't think you can run from the House. The last House member who became president was James Garfield."

With respect to the current battle to raise the debt ceiling, Coulter said that Boehner had been "surprisingly good" and Democrats were "happy" to have the David Wu sex scandal to take the focus off budget negotiations.

"It seems like a very embarrassing story. Though I think, oddly enough, Democrats might be happy to have this scandal so they can stop being forced to give us their plan for the budget," she remarked.

Watch this video from CBS' The Early Show, broadcast July 25, 2011.