If Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum isn't careful, he could have a new Google problem on his hands.

In a Funny or Die video released Wednesday, sex columnist Dan Savaged threatened to unleash a new definition for the word "rick" if Santorum decided to attack gays during his presidential campaign.

In 2003, Savage launched a successful campaign to get his definition for "santorum" at the top of Google search results after the then-Pennsylvania senator compared homosexual sex acts to polygamy and sodomy.

"I've already come up with a new definition for 'rick' just in case you don't behave yourself," Savage warned. "If you can get all the way through this campaign without man-on-dogging us, I will tear this definition up."

"So, the ball is in your court, Richard John Santorum. Leave us gays alone or I change the definition of 'rick.' It's not like you can start going by Dick Santorum, is it?"

Watch this video from Funny or Die, uploaded July 27, 2011.