In an email obtained by Mother Jones magazine, a New Hampshire Republican brags about learning how to fire a .50 caliber machine gun, then added that labor unions -- which traditionally support Democrats -- "better not F#%k with me again!!!"

That email was allegedly written by New Hampshire Representative Lynne Ferrari Blankenbeker, who reportedly ignored requests for comment from reporter Andy Kroll.

Blankenbeker, a military veteran, reportedly wrote the email after a training session with the army at Fort Dix. The full quote reads: "Today I got to be the gunner which was fun. The .50 cal is quite a gun! I was never ascared of the unions but they better not F#%k with me again!!! Just saying."

Reached by Raw Story, Blankenbeker appeared to take issue with Mother Jones's headline, which read, "NH GOP Politician to Unions: 'Better Not F#%k with Me' Or I'll Shoot."

"No it's not accurate," she wrote. "I never threatened anyone, unions or otherwise by use of any weapon including the .50cal."

Blankenbeker did not specifically address whether she wrote the email cited in Kroll's report, even after a follow-up.

"I am not sure of what quote you are speaking about," she replied.

"No, I never said I'd use a .50 cal on anyone," Blankenbeker wrote in another follow-up. "I merely stated the .50 cal is quite a weapon. The army training has been intense and has trained me well. I am prepared for hostile attacks, foreign or domestic."

"I am extremely busy with training and my deployment preparation," she concluded in a fourth follow-up. "Thank you for your interest."

In New Hampshire, Blankenbeker is widely considered by union activists to be one of their principle villains in the legislature. The State Employees' Association has even set up a website asking for her resignation.

"We're tired of politicians making scapegoats of middle class workers, like those who teach our children, plow our streets, and protect us during fires and emergencies," they wrote.

It was not clear if she had ever been physically threatened by a union member, but no such reports have been filed.

Image: A .50 caliber machine gun, via Flickr commons.

Updated from an earlier version with a second, third and fourth response from Blankenbeker.