Fox News used a new study that asked whether grilling contributed to global warming to attack supporters of climate change. Guest Joe Bastardi, chief meteorologist of and an outspoken critic of climate change, called the study an attack on American tradition.

"It sounds to me like it's the last gasp of a desperate movement," Bastardi said. "I think they know things are turning around, the overall global temperature, and they're trying to grasp at any straw they can get their hands on."

"Greenhouse gases, there's another term for them: It's called plant food," Bastardi said. "Grill a steak, grill a hamburger and help the trees out."

Despite what Bastardi said, there is near unanimity among earth scientists in agreeing that climate change is very real and driven by emissions resulting from human activity.

Originally aired July 4, 2011 on Fox News. Embedded via Fox News.