After Sen. John McCain lashed out at "tea party hobbits" Wednesday for refusing to raise the debt ceiling, conservative radio host Glenn Beck and his fellow co-hosts felt the need to fight back.

"You lost in a landslide when we listened to you!" one co-host shouted on Thursday morning's program. "You suck!"

"Some Republicans, usually the freshmen, they get it," Beck said. "The rest of them have been co-opted and yes, yes. Dare I say it? Gollum. Led by Gollum."

"I need my precious. My friends. My precious," he said, mocking McCain. "He's Gollum."

"I thought Dennis Kucinich was Gollum?" one of the co-hosts asked.

"Have you seen them at a party lately? They're the same person. I'm convinced they're the same person," Beck said.

In 2008, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart also compared the Arizona senator to the Lord of the Rings character.

Watch this video from GBTV's Glenn Beck Program, broadcast July 28, 2011.

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