Last night, Rachel Maddow broke down all the recent crazy news from the GOP 2012 field, including pornography, white supremacy and Oprah as the anti-Christ.

Governor of Texas and potential GOP 2012 candidate Rick Perry is touting a national prayer event in Texas in early August. Footage of the evangelical preacher he is running the event with, however, shows that he may be spouting some very unpopular ideas: He thinks Oprah is the anti-Christ.

"They will feed the poor, have humanitarian projects, inspire acts of compassion...for all the wrong reasons," he shouts of these harbingers. And of Oprah: "She is winsome, she is kind, she is utterly deceived."

In other GOP candidate news, Buddy Romer, the Louisiana Republican Governor who lost a 1991 primary (as sitting governor!) to white supremacist David Duke, is reportedly announcing his candidacy for president later today. David Duke is also reportedly mulling a run.

Watch the clip below, originally aired July 8, 2011, embedded courtesy MSNBC.

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