Jordan Miles was just 18-years-old when, in Jan. of 2010, three undercover Pittsburgh police officers confronted him on the street at night and beat him into a bloody pulp.

Miles, a violinist and honor student who attended the prestigious Creative and Performing Arts High School, said he resisted arrest because he thought the men were trying to abduct him and didn't identify themselves as police.

Miles is black, and the three officers are white.

In the intervening months, police would claim that a bottle of soda in Jordan's jacket pocket made them believe he was carrying a concealed weapon -- an argument that helped secure their freedom from liability.

Now, a Pittsburgh hip-hop artist named Jasiri X has refused to let the story just die, which is probably not surprising to those who know him: Jasiri's YouTube channel is littered with tracks containing commentary on political issues like U.S. income distribution, anti-Muslim hatred, and the tea parties' racial overtones.

He also hosts an online, hip-hop themed news program called This Week with Jasiri X. Check out more of his work here.

This video is from YouTube user Jasiri X, published July 4, 2011.