Stand-up comedian, actress, political activist and writer Janeane Garofalo appeared on Countdown with Keith Olbermann Thursday night to provide "comic relief" concerning Michele Bachmann and the cancellation of the Tea Party Freedom Jamboree.

But rather than dropping jokes, Garofalo dropped a bombshell.

"Marcus Bachmann concerns me, because I don't like anyone who attacks the gay, lesbian, transgendered community, anyway, but especially one that seems to be -- this is not a criticism -- but he seems to be quite gay to me," she said.

"Now I'm sure the gay community would not like to claim him as one of their own, but be that as it may, I feel like he's dealing with an issue that a lot of people who are vehemently anti-gay seem to be dealing with."

Dr. Marcus Bachmann, Michele Bachmann's husband, owns a Christian counseling center that reportedly practices a discredited "reparative therapy" aimed at converting patients into heterosexuals. Marcus said in a radio interview that "barbarians need to be educated" when asked how parents should deal with non-heterosexual children.

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: