On Countdown Tuesday night, Keith Olbermann gave an "inside look" at News Corporation, explaining how his bosses blackmailed him when he worked for Fox Sports.

Olbermann worked as a sports anchor for Fox Sports Net from 1998 to 2001 and was fired after reporting that Murdoch was planning to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On his show Tuesday, he said that while working at Fox Sports he became sick and was advised by his doctor to slow down at work. When he requested to work five days instead of six, Fox Sports immediately pulled him off the air until he received a letter from his doctor guaranteeing he was well enough to work.

They then offered to either have Olbermann work a very busy schedule or receive a 60 percent pay cut.

"Instead of anchoring six days a week in the Los Angeles studio, they were going to have me anchor four days and then fly to and from different interviews, events, and promotions, etc. in other cities two different times per week," he explained. "In short, they were threatening to work me into illness or into the hospital or both."

"They were blackmailing me about my health, and Fox blackmail works," he added. "And that’s the way it works. Lord only knows, if it works so well against someone with resources and a high profile like mine, how often was it used against lesser figures in the company?"

Watch video below:

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[H/T: Politicususa]