Rupert Murdoch's News International announced Thursday that the British tabloid News of the World was shutting down, but Vanity Fair contributor Michael Wolff says the phone hacking scandal may not end there.

"Hacking, listening to your voicemail messages was for a period, a rather long period, a tabloid tool," Wolff told Current's Keith Olbermann Wednesday. "It was like a typewriter. Everybody in the newsroom did it and they did it to everybody who the news touched."

"Is there any reason to assume or that we are correct in assuming that nobody in the Murdoch companies would have done that [in the U.S.]?" Olbermann asked.

"I think it's the next question," Wolff said. "So it's just now, the questions are just kind of dawning on everyone. In my newsroom today, I said, 'Hey, what happened? They must -- could they have done it here? Literally, can you do it here? Can you hack someone's phone here? Is there a difference?'"

"And there is not a difference," he explained.

The Independent revealed in February that Murdoch's most read British tabloid, The Sun, was also being investigated for phone hacking.

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