Small government crusader Grover Norquist thinks that Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has the assets necessary to win re-election.

"The Republicans are going to take the senate in 2012," Norquist told ABC's Christiane Amanpour Sunday. "If you look at the 23 Democrat seats up -- half of them in reddish states -- and ten Republican Senate seats up -- all in reasonably Republican states, with the possible exception of Massachusetts, and [Scott Brown has] got ten million dollars in the bank and looks great in a bathing suit."

It wasn't clear if Norquist had personally seen the senator in a bathing suit or if he was fondly remembering Brown's 1982 nude centerfold in Cosmo.

Or perhaps Norquist was thinking of some other members of the Brown family.

Watch this video from the ABC's This Week, broadcast July 31, 2011.

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