Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern sent a letter to Governor John Kasich on Wednesday asking him to give to charity the contributions he received from News Corporation.

The FBI is currently investigating allegations that News Corp., the parent company of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, attempted to bribe police and hack into the cell phones of victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Redfern noted that Kasich earned $265,000 in 2008 for a program he hosted on Fox News. The CEO of News Corp., Rupert Murdoch, also donated $10,000 to Kasich's campaign and said the two have a close friendship. Kasich appeared as a guest on Fox nearly thirty times to promote his candidacy for governor, even allowing him to solicit donations on air.

"Perhaps no public official in America has benefited more, both personally and politically, from News Corporation than you," Redfern wrote in his letter to the governor.

"The tactics of your former employer and major campaign donor were despicable, unacceptable and even inhumane. For that reason, we are calling on you to donate all of your earnings from News Corporation, as well as all of your campaign contributions from News Corporation, to charities of your choosing."

Murdoch became embroiled in a phone hacking scandal thanks to his U.K. newspaper News of the World, which closed down after an investigation revealed it had participated in the phone hacking of celebrities, British politicians, the families of terrorist attack victims, dead soldiers and others.

Murdoch told the British parliament on Tuesday that he had “seen no evidence" that his publications tried to hack into cell phones in the U.S.

"But in all of your advocacy of more hardship for middle class Ohioans, you haven’t once specified what shared sacrifices ultra-wealthy Ohioans like yourself should make," Redfern added. "Therefore, we wanted to bring this opportunity to your attention."