On Countdown Wednesday night, Keith Olbermann discussed with Joe Romm, editor of ClimateProgress.org, the possibility that Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation was behind the "Climate Gate" hacking.

Romm first called for an investigation of the connection between News Corp. and "Climate Gate" on Tuesday.

He noted that former News of the World executive editor Neil Wallis was hired as a consultant by Scotland Yard, which investigated the hacking of climate scientists' emails at Britain's University of East Anglia (UEA). The hackers were never found.

Wallis was arrested last week as part of a police inquiry into the tabloid's illegal interception of voicemails.

In 2009, Wallis joined the public relations firm that was used by the UEA following the "Climate Gate" scandal.

"Climate change scientists and outside experts agree that, with Neil Wallis at the helm, the Climatic Research Unit couldn't have done a worse job defending itself," Olbermann noted on his blog. "The myth that its emails 'disprove' Global Warming persists today."

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: