By Glynnis MacNicol

Further evidence Sarah Palin has lost her crowd appeal.

The Undefeated, the documentary (propaganda film) Palin commissioned about herself ahead of a possible 2012 run, has already bottomed out at theaters.

The movie received wide release back in June but failed to catch on with the masses, pulling in a measly $24,000 despite opening in 14 Tea Party friendly venues, reports The Wrap.  An Atlantic writer witnessed the empty theater phenomenon firsthand.

In the hopes of making up some of that lost revenue the film's distributor Arc Entertainment is going the pay-per-view route and making the film available  through satellite companies such as DIRECTV, DISH Network and Time Warner Cable.

Palin has never fully recovered from her 'blood libel' response to the Gabby Giffords shooting.  She saw a brief resurgence in popularity last month when she lead the press on a wild goose chase after her bus tour but has since passed (presumably unwillingly) the rogue baton to Michele Bachmann.

One imagines if you can't get more than 24,000 people to pay for your movie it's unlikely you can get the majority of the country to vote for you.


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