Dissatisfaction and anger with the federal government is nothing new, but now even Almighty God is having a tough time getting support from the public.

A recently released survey (PDF) by Public Policy Polling (PPP) found that only 52 percent of American voters approve of God's performance, while nine percent disapprove and 40 percent are just not sure.

Among "very liberal" respondents, 19 percent disapproved. Only four percent of "very conservative" voters had a problem with the deity.

At 71 percent, God got His highest marks for creating the universe. His handling of animals was approved by 56 percent, and 50 percent even approved of His handling of natural disasters.

The same polling firm recently found that 44 percent of Republicans thought President Barack Obama would not be taken to Heaven in the Rapture, while 37 percent were not sure.

The most recent survey also determined that only 12 percent held a favorable opinion of News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch.

"Though not the most popular figure PPP has polled, if God exists, voters are prepared to give it good marks," PPP noted. "Voters approve of God's performance by 52-9 margin, making God about as popular as Murdock (sic) is unpopular."