Police in Colorado Springs are calling the Saturday beating of two gay soldiers a possible hate crime.

The men, who wished not to be identified, told 7 News that they went to Albert Tacos restaurant after leaving a nightclub.

"As soon as we walked in, there was a group of African American males that walked in," one of the men said. "And they started a confrontation with us because of the fact that one of our go-gos was still in his outfit."

"We walked in and immediately one black male started making remarks like, faggot," another of the men told KOAA.

When they returned to the parking lot, they were beaten by a group of about five men. Two women are also wanted in connection to the beating.

Both men were rushed to the hospital. One man's jaw was shattered and had to be wired shut.

Watch this video from KOAA, broadcast July 3, 2011.