PRAGUE — Prague will next month host its first-ever Gay Pride parade, organisers announced Thursday, adding that government approval for the event offered proof that politicians welcome gays in the city.

Prague Pride 2011 will run from August 10-14 and include some 60 separate events, including a colourful parade through the major streets of the Czech capital, organiser Czeslaw Walek told AFP.

"Here we have proof that for politicians we are also a part of this city," Walek said.

"Prague is one of the last great capitals where a Gay Pride parade has never been held," he added.

In 2008, in the Czech Republic's second city Brno, a pride parade was spoiled by right-wing extremists threw eggs and fireworks into the midst of the marchers as they gathered in a central city square.

"This will not be a protest march, but a colourful carnival with music and joy," said Katerina Saparova, another member of the organising committee.