Recent attempts by activists from Food Not Bombs to feed the homeless in Orlando, FL have been met with arrests by the Orlando Police Department. Over the last week, the hacker group Anonymous has also become involved, and the police have launched an investigation of a photo of the mayor's home which was found hanging from a street sign next to a Guy Fawkes mask, the group's symbol.

The police department's actions have aroused outrage among the activists, but one young man defiantly showed up to counter-protest with a sign proclaiming "I (heart) OPD." When interviewed from a reporter from WFTV-News, however, it quickly became clear that he was not quite what he seemed.

"The Orlando Police Department has demonstrated that you can count on them to enforce the law," the protester explained stoutly. "If it was against the law for women to vote, I think they would would be there to arrest women who tried to vote. And if it was still against the law for African-Americans to use the same restroom facilities as Caucasian-Americans, Orlando Police Department would be right there to arrest them. Because they will enforce the law no matter what it is, so we have to support them for that.

"Because in America," he went on, "the last thing you need is liberty, justice, conscience getting in the way of the law. We don't want that. So we need to have officers who will just blindly obey and follow anything that they're told. Because this country was founded on bootlicking. ... I'm a tax-paying American. I want to see my tax dollars put to use. I like to see people getting arrested. ... So I think they're doing a great job, and as long as they continue to arrest people for feeding the homeless, I'll continue to support them, because they're doing their job.

When the reporter asked the protester about the photos from Anonymous -- which the police are taking as a serious threat -- he replied staunchly, "Any opinion that differs from the status quo, from the government, should be perceived as a threat. ... We have to submit to the fact that we are now all guilty. ... Anonymous is a terrorist organization. ... If the police found out who is responsible for this, they should be executed without a trial."

"What's your name?" the reported finally thought to ask.

"I'd rather remain anonymous," the protester replied. "But I would like to say that I will continue to support these oppressive measures, because sometimes you do have to have tyranny to have freedom. ... Tyranny's where it's at."

This video was posted to YouTube by OrlandoCopWatch on July 7, 2011.