Republicans claimed Wednesday that President Barack Obama told House Majority Leader he would "not yield" in debt ceiling negotiations and stormed out of the meeting.

The White House has said that the report was completely overblown but if it is true, Obama may be taking pointers from a Funny or Die video where an actor posing as a president explains why it's time to be a dick.

"I do not normally engage in this language but fuck it," the Obama character said. "I am a dick."

"If I can't be a dick about our country heading into default, the wealth gap widening, the loss of jobs and the needless tax cuts for the wealthy, what can I be a dick about?"

"And you know what America?" the actor asked. "You have got to start being a dick too. People in Congress are serving their donors, not their districts. And they're treating their citizens like bitches. I'm here to tell you America, stop being a bitch and start being a dick."

Late last month, Time's Mark Halperin was suspended from MSNBC for calling Obama a "dick" on live television.

Watch this video form Funny or Die.