Comedy Central's Jon Stewart was absolutely delighted Thursday by Mark Halperin's use an expletive to describe the president.

"People can argue whether that's appropriate, whether Halperin crossed a some sort of line, journalism has lost its professionalism, personally I could give a fuck," Stewart explained, "That horse left the barn years ago."

"What’s interesting to me about what he did is not what he did, it’s what happened after they came back from commercial," he continued. "Now you knew he was going to apologize but you didn’t know his apology was going to be chaperoned by show regular Willie Geist and his disapproving glare."

The Daily Show went on to show Willie Geist sporting his "disapproving glare" in other high profile apologies.

In 2004, Stewart used the same expletive to describe then-CNN host Tucker Carlson on CNN's Crossfire.

"You're as big a dick on your show as you are on any show," Stewart noted.

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast June 30, 2011.