Comedy Central's Jon Stewart spent some time Thursday checking in on Republican presidential candidates.

"We are a mere 15 and a half months away from what will definitely be called the most important election of our lifetime," Stewart noted.

With only $500,000 in donations, Stewart said former Sen. Rick Santorum was like a wildebeest being eaten by a crocodile. "Bye bye!"

"Sadly that image is still the only the second most unpleasant image you get when you Google the name Santorum," he said.

Herman Cain, who seems to be confused about the Constitution, was like a kitten whose head was stuck in a tissue box, according to The Daily Show.

Next up was Rep. Michele Bachmann. The congresswoman has denied reports that she is incapacitated by migraines for days at a time.

"I've got to say, of all my issues with Michele Bachmann's brain, migraines not even in the top 20," Stewart remarked.

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast July 21, 2011.

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