A mysterious Internet video has emerged urging young Russian women to rip off their clothes as an army to encourage Vladimir Putin to return to the Kremlin in 2012 elections.

"He's a worthy politician and an awesome man. He is adored by millions," says the provocative video by supporters dubbed "Putin's Army."

"What are you ready to do for your president?" says the video calling on the supporters of the 58-year-old Russian prime minister to "rip it off" for him.

The risque video clip features young girls laughing gaily as they strut their stuff in revealing clothes and high-heels and suggestively suck drinks through cocktail straws.

The video culminates with one of the girls, student Diana, scrawling "I will rip it off for Putin" on her white top in red lipstick and then ripping it open to reveal her bra.

The group of Putin's admirers does not reveal any more details about themselves but says the maker of the best video would receive an iPad2.

The professional-quality video is posted on Russia's main social networking site at vkontake.ru/armiaputina and has been viewed by almost one million on YouTube.

Russia is heading into parliamentary elections in December followed by March presidential polls in which Putin may return to the presidency after a decade in power.

This is not the first time the power of sexuality is being used to back Putin, who is admired by many Russian woman for his apparent virility.

Last year, female students at Moscow State University, Russia's top university, posed in lacy lingerie for a calendar to celebrate Putin's birthday, called "Vladimir Vladimirovich, We love you. Happy Birthday Mr Putin."

Earlier this month several placards posted round central Moscow depicted Putin as James Bond, causing the Russian government to loudly protest and punish those responsible for the prank.

Putin's face was superimposed on Daniel Craig's body on a movie poster for Casino Royale, a 2006 Bond film. The placards, which were immediately removed, were part of a street game and a competition to receive an iPad.