Potential Republican presidential candidate and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke told RT's Thom Hartmann Thursday that Jews were the greatest threat to American democracy.

"Who, in your opinion, David Duke, are the Republicans most afraid of?" Hartmann asked the former Louisiana state representative. "Would it be the Jews, the African Americans or the gays?"

Most politicians would have dodgef that question, but not Duke.

"I think the fact is that both Democrats and Republicans are very afraid of the Jewish extremists, the Zionists, because the Zionists have incredible amounts of media power," Duke said. "They've got the most powerful lobby in Washington, which is AIPAC, of course. And they've got enormous financial power. I mean, they control the Federal Reserve."

"If the Jews really run the world then how did we end up with five Catholics running the U.S. Supreme Court?" Hartmann pressed.

"First off, we have two Jews on the Supreme Court. They're very powerful and the point is that's it's not a question of whether a Jew is in a particular position of power. But Jewish extremists' interests are. Israel is truly a terrorist state. Israel has even attacked America with terrorism."

"I'm not saying that all Jews do," he continued, "and I'm not against all Jewish people."

"Well, thanks for that," Hartmann said sarcastically.

"The Jewish extremists who control the Jewish people also control these critical aspects of power. I call it the Jewish matrix of power," Duke remarked. "They control massive international finance, like the IMF, like the Federal Reserve, like a lot of the international banking, like Goldman Sachs... they also control the media."

"David, enough of the anti-semitism," Hartmann interrupted.

"It's not anti-semitic, it's reality," Duke replied. "You start talking about Jewish extremists' power, there comes the smears."

Watch this video from RT's The Big Picture, broadcast July 8, 2011.