Radio host Alex Jones flew into a rage Tuesday over the so-called "super committee" created during recent debt ceiling negotiations, warning it would be used to seize all privately owned firearms in an "orgy of mass murder and death."

"Hey, hey, here's the deal," Jones told a caller. "We're just approaching the event horizon, the orgy of mass murder and death."

"They've got the helicopters loaded -- the Sunshine Project got the documents -- with the airborne Ebola to spray on us. I mean, they actually got the documents that they got helicopters with knockout gas and lethal weapons parked at bases everywhere to kill everybody in America."

"They've got robot helicopters with airborne Ebola and nerve gas waiting in spray quadrants to kill everybody!" he screamed. "That's who runs America. OK? Total psychopathic, 110-percent mack daddy murderers!"

Listen to this audio from The Alex Jones Show, broadcast Aug. 2, 2011 and clipped by Media Matters.