Americans blame the 33rd president, George W. Bush, for the state of the economy more than they blame President Barack Obama, results of an AP-GfK poll released Thursday showed.

While 31 percent of those surveyed blame Obama, the majority — 51 percent — pointed at Bush as the reason for the country's current and ongoing economic turmoil.

"I think Bush had a hand in it, too," Mary Parish, who lives in Tennessee and participated in the poll told the AP. "Obama's not totally responsible."

She also said that she didn't think his chances of reelection were good.

"He's a smooth-talking man. But he does not know what he's doing."

Even though voters don't blame Obama, survey results show that they think he's not doing much to help: 63 percent said they disapproved of his handling of the economy, and nearly half of those surveyed went as far as to say they "strongly" disapproved of it.

Fifty-two percent of adults said they disapproved of his performance overall.

Judith Lee, a teacher in Maine, told the AP that she had voted for Obama, but has been disappointed.

"I don't think he is a very forceful leader," Lee said. "His style of leadership seems to be to look for consensus and ideas from other people, and it seems to have been ineffective. And Congress seems to be deadlocked on problems."