One of Glenn Beck's favorite analogies is comparing things that aren't remotely close to Nazism, to Nazis. Almost everything, it seems, makes him see brownshirts and long knives.

In his broadcast Tuesday, the former television host stayed true to that theme, drawing up for his radio audience a series of harrowing World War II analogies to support his paranoid prediction of a coming World War III, thanks in part to the debt deal that Obama signed today.

"It's just gonna blow up into a full-fledged war," he said. "We are entering the beginnings of what I believe is World War III. Please, I hope I'm wrong. But if you look at what's happening in Russia and the rest of the world, we and NATO and the rest of the West are being set up in Libya [...] And this time, the Axis forces have all of the chips."

This audio is from The Glenn Beck Program, broadcast Tuesday, August 2, 2011.