Bryan Fischer, the Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy at the American Family Association, on his radio show Monday praised Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry for initiating a Christian prayer summit on August 6 in Houston.

Fischer said the United States needs to get back to a "wholehearted, unapologetic, unambiguous embrace of Christianity" because Christianity is the secret to the nation's success.

"Not just by the people, but by our leaders and that is why Gov. Perry is showing the way," he continued. "He's a political leader who is demonstrating what de Tocqueville talked about, this unity of politics and Christian faith as the thing that represents the secret source of America's greatness. And unless we get back to that, we have no hope."

The American Family Association is co-hosting the prayer summit.

A federal lawsuit that sought to prevent Perry from taking part in the "unconstitutional" event was recently dismissed because the plaintiffs had not been coerced into attending the rally.

Watch video, clipped by RightWingWatch, below: