Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert stood up for his religion Wednesday by creating a public relations ad that would make Catholics seem as cool as Mormons.

Politico reported Tuesday that President Barack Obama's campaign has a plan to portray Mormon Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as "weird."

"I am really starting to respect that urban, rhythmic, socialist, Kenyan, secret Muslim," Colbert joked.

"Mormons believe that Joseph Smith received golden plates from an angel on a hill, when everybody knows that Moses got stone tablets from a burning bush on a mountain," he explained.

"But the Mormon church is looking to change its image, folks, with a PR campaign called 'I'm a Mormon,'" Colbert reported. "This campaign makes Mormons irresistibly cool... That is awesome. What am I saying? I'm a Catholic!"

So Colbert proposed an "even cooler" Catholic ad campaign featuring a man on a skateboard, playing a guitar, holding a falcon, and giving a high five to a tiger.

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast Aug. 10, 2011.