Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert joked Thursday that if Wisconsin voters were going to follow the instructions from Koch brother-funded Americans for Prosperity then they might as well send their absentee ballots to Santa.

"Americans for Prosperity has even sent out these actual helpful absentee ballot applications to Democratic districts," Colbert explained. "Now, they had to rush these to print, so some people have complained about inaccuracies, but it's minor stuff, like instead of instructing you to send your ballot to the local municipal clerk, where ballots are officially collected, the address on this ballot is 'Absentee Ballot Application Processing Center,' which, and this is interesting, does not exist."

The Comedy Central host also noted that Americans for Prosperity had told voters the wrong day to send in their ballots, and he offered a rhyme to help people remember.

"On August 11th, make your selection / That's just two days after the actual election."

Matt Seaholm, the State Director for Americans for Prosperity, told TMJ4 that the misinformation was "just a typo."

"I accidentally put 11 when I mean nine all the time, because one and nine are so close to each other on the keyboard!" Colbert said. "Who cares whether they typed nine or 11. Point is, American for Prosperity and I want Wisconsinites to vote sometime in August."

"But if you still don't trust them, don't send you're ballots to the Koch brothers. Send it to Santa at the North Pole, U.S.A. He'll get it to the right people."

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast Aug. 4, 2011.