Even with President Barack Obama's signature on the debt ceiling bill, credit rating agencies could still downgrade the country's credit rating. Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert thinks he has a solution to save America's good name.

"America is currently rated AAA, which means we are a very good investment, plus I believe we get roadside assistance," Colbert joked.

"So these un-elected elites get to wave their Wall Street wands and tank our economy?" he asked. "They are materially harming America. This is nothing more than economic terrorism and I say we deal with these clowns the way we deal with all terrorists: We march the Marines into their offices, fit them for some orange jumpsuits, and whisk them off to Gitmo for some enhanced accounting, maybe a little number-boarding."

And what did the Comedy Central host think of the final bipartisan compromise signed by the president?

"The only way this bill was two-sided was that the Dems had to take it in both ends," Colbert concluded.

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, broadcast Aug. 2, 2011.