NEW YORK — British Prime Minister David Cameron has asked former New York police commissioner Bill Bratton to act as a consultant to British police on how to curb street violence, US media reported Friday.

Bratton told NBC and ABC News that he had received a call from Cameron early Friday asking him to consider being a consultant to Scotland Yard, the networks said on their websites.

Bratton, who also headed up police forces in Boston and Los Angeles, told NBC New York that he expects to take up the job soon, but will not move overseas on a permanent basis.

The post would be long-term and is not specifically designed to respond to the riots that have rocked London and other British cities since last week, leaving city neighborhoods in flames and five people dead.

Britain has had two quiet days following four nights of rioting and looting, which led to 1,500 arrests across the country. Police flooded the streets of London on Friday, with the force more than doubled to 16,000.

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