In the mind of George Will, the media's reaction to Hurricane Irene has been "manufactured hysteria."

The conservative commentator was not afraid to describe how he really felt about what he thought was less than stellar TV coverage of the storm on ABC's This Week Sunday morning.

"Florence Nightingale said, 'Whatever you say about hospitals, they shouldn't make their patients sicker," he said. "And whatever else you want to say about journalism, it shouldn't subtract from the nation's understanding, and it certainly shouldn't contribute to the manufactured, synthetic hysteria that is so much a part of modern life. And I think we may have done so with regard to this 'tropical storm,' as it now seems to be."

Cokie Roberts strongly disagreed with Will's view.

"What we learned is that you do have to prepare for these disasters, and you have to prepare for everybody," Roberts said. "And when you're talking about a storm of these proportions, you really do have to take care, even if it's a tropical storm, it's enormous. It's an enormous storm that can get people out of their homes and separated from their families."

WATCH: Video from ABC, which aired on August 28, 2011.