Republican Jon Huntsman is already entertaining the idea of abandoning his presidential ambitions for the role of vice president.

"If Michele Bachmann continued to get real traction, and she came to you and said, look, you're the other part of the party. Together we can create sweet music. Could you countenance such an idea?" CNN's Piers Morgan asked Huntsman Monday.

"You know, if you love this country, you serve this country," Huntsman replied. "And so if you're in a position to better the country, to bring whatever background you have to bear, whatever experiences to use in fine-tuning our future, I'll be the first person to sign up, absolutely."

But the candidate immediately ruled out being fellow Mormon Mitt Romney's running mate.

"There would be too many jokes about that. No, I can't imagine it at all," he said.

Watch this video from CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, broadcast Aug. 22, 2011.