The antics of the progressive group Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) have gone too far, according to Iowa Democratic Party Chairwoman Sue Dvorsky.

Thirty members of Iowa CCI confronted Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) at his town hall event on Monday, where they questioned him about supporting the Paul Ryan budget plan. After the town hall, some members of the group crowded a hallway, asking him further questions and blocking his exit.

"The behavior of Iowa CCI is unproductive, embarrassing, and has no place in a serious debate," Dvorsky said Wednesday in a statement.

"Yes, we should be working to protect Social Security, doing everything to keep our air and water clean, and ask our elected officials tough questions. Unfortunately, this group has become less focused on results and more focused on creating chaos that gets their name in the paper."

In a press release, Iowa CCI said they "crashed" Grassley's town hall meet and "took [it] over" for an hour.

"Iowa CCI is doing a disservice to the state, to true progressive values, and to their members who signed up to make a difference and change our state for the better," Dvorsky added. "Instead of bragging about ‘crashing’ a town hall, designed to give citizens a forum to discuss their concerns, they could be educating Iowans about what’s really at stake and actually make a difference."

A video recording of Grassley's town hall event shows that members of Iowa CCI remained mostly civil -- albeit heated -- when questioning the senator, but did become more aggressive and disruptive after the event had concluded.

The group also confronted Mitt Romney at the Iowa State Fair earlier this month. During the verbal scuffle over Medicare and taxes, the presidential candidate said that "Corporations are people."

Video of Grassley's town hall can be viewed below: