On "The Rachel Maddow" show Tuesday evening, host Rachel Maddow staunchly defended American unions again in the midst of the Wisconsin recalled elections and the Verizon workers strike.

The liberal commentator explained to her audience how unions represent the country's middle class, and how vital a role they play for that demographic. Her words were a total contrast from right wing media outlets critical of labor organization.

"Unions are not the hated evil empire that the conservative moment wants them to be," Maddow said.

The MSNBC host also highlighted a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showing how almost 8 out of 10 Americans believe public employees should have the same collective bargaining rights as private employees. In addition, Maddow also mentioned how America has more of a favorable view of unions than an unfavorable one. Those poll numbers gave her enough evidence to jab at those eager to report negative stories on labor.

"Don't tell the Beltway press, and don't tell the conservative moment the Beltway press has monopolized on their speed dials, but Americans actually like unions," she said.

Later on in the segment, Maddow interviewed "Nickel and Dimed" author Barbara Ehrenreich. During their discussion, the two talked about an Obama speech from 2 years ago strongly backing labor. Ehrenheich hopes that version of the president returns instead of what she sees now.

"That little clip of Obama, with his strong union speech, made me really nostalgic," Ehrenehich said. "We have not heard that man for a long, long time."

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