A flash mob of over 100 gay "barbarians" descended on Marcus Bachmann's clinic Thursday morning.

A local actor posing as Marcus Bachmann was "baptized" with glitter after dancing with the barbarians to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."

"Let's be clear: Marcus Bachmann is the practitioner of an unhealthy, unscientific and dangerous practice," event organizer Nick Espinosa told Columbus Go Home.

"The American people have a right to know: does the Bachmann family profit from bogus 'gay reparative therapy' or not," he added. "The medical evidence against the practice aside, the Bachmann’s subversive marginalization of the LGBT community is despicable."

In July, a smaller group threw glitter in the lobby of the clinic after staffers said that Bachmann was not available.

The LGBT activists were inspired by Bachmann's claim that homosexuals are "barbarians" who "need to be disciplined."

Watch this video, uploaded to YouTube Aug. 25, 2011.

(H/T: Political Carnival)