The individual behind the shell company W Spann LLC, which formed long enough to donate a million dollars to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign then disappeared, has been revealed to be Ed Conrad, a former executive at Bain Capital, the investment firm Romney helped found in 1984. Talking Points Memo is reporting the company was formed by Mr. Conrad, but that the executive only came forward when watchdog groups began to complain.

Complaints were filed by the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21, who asked federal and state officials to look into the matter, claiming that the use of shell companies violates laws put in place to prevent individuals from donating to campaigns through third parties. Democrats were joined in their protests against the donation to Romney's coffers by fellow GOP presidential contender Jon Huntsman.

Conrad claims no knowledge that his actions were anything other than above reproach, saying he moved the money into the dummy company on the advice of his lawyers who assured him the maneuver was entirely legal. He has asked that the pro-Romney group Restore Our Future Super PAC list him as the donor of the money in all future publications pertaining to the matter.