At a town hall event in Lebanon, New Hampshire Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faced a voter who was angry about his support for a Republican plan to slash government spending.

"I think it's all well and good and probably what your audience wants to hear to say, 'I'm going to hold the line, I'm going to have a balanced budget, the federal government is going to stay out,'" the voter noted. "But when we have these disasters, people turn and expect the government to help them."

"We have all kinds of programs, Social Security, Medicare. For us to not to take advantage of those and benefit from them, I think is shameful. I wish you would speak to the truth, rather than say something that you think is a platitude when in fact, we do need the government to spend money... I think the balanced budget amendment is irresponsible," she added.

Watch this video from CNN, broadcast Aug. 25, 2011.