For those harboring hopes of Sarah Palin entering the race for 2012, your wishes may still come true.

On Sean Hannity's show last night in Iowa, the former governor of Alaska was asked directly by the Fox commentator on the question some are still curious to know about her future. Palin did not hesitate to provide a straight answer. "I am still considering a run for the President of the United States," she said, followed by a loud applause from the Ames crowd.

Later on, Palin indicated her desire for Texas governor Rick Perry to enter the race, while getting into more details about her plans. "I'm still considering it, the impact on family is paramount," she said. "There still is time here, knowing that the field is not yet set, and there will be people coming and going in the next couple of months Sean."

WATCH: Video is from Fox News, form August 12, 2011